Download book Bearded Dragons (Mini Encyclopedia)

  • Book: Bearded Dragons (Mini Encyclopedia)
  • Author: Chris Mattison
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Text-book file-size: 6.24 Mb
  • Audio-book file-size: 124.8 Mb

This brand-new addition to Barron’s profusely illustrated Mini Encyclopedia Series describes the many Bearded Dragon varieties and color forms that are available to terrarium hobbyists. Most Bearded Dragons are large and all are active, which means that owners must pay special attention to secure caging and housing arrangements. Part One of this book covers all aspects of Bearded Dragon ownership, including cage or terrarium design, controlling heating, lighting, and humidity in a terrarium, keeping lizards in outdoor enclosures, feeding and recommended food supplements, health care, and breeding. This volume’s Part Two presents illustrated profiles of more than 20 different species. The book features more than 400 color photos.

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